Wheel Rings

Profile Pixel RGB wheel rings backlight your custom wheels and tires to ensure they stand out both day and night along with the rest of your rig.

Accent Lighting


All Wheel Rings

Give your vehicle a unique look with Profile Performance’s million-color LED Wheel Ring Lights. We offer LED wheel rings either as a standalone option that includes a control box and wireless remote, or it can be added to your already-installed LED Car/Truck Underbody Lighting Kit. If you are looking to accentuate your vehicle with cool lights or want to improve lighting for off-road driving, LED wheel lights would be an excellent option for you. Wheel rings can be color-matched with under-vehicle lights to create the perfect synergy. They also illuminate the area directly adjacent to your vehicle and give you better visibility when driving off-road at night.

Wheel Rings at Profile Performance

Wheel LED Rings and lights are built with thin, ultra-bright LEDs that are installed on flexible round tubes. The diodes on these rings give off a light in your preferred color for a fantastic visual effect. These rings can be mounted above the tire on the fender well or behind the strut for a seamless installation. The single or multi-color wheel rings from our store can be installed directly to the dust shield or hub assembly. They allow the LED lights to shine through your wheel. The installation process is quite easy, and you can do it on your own if you have experience with retrofit upgrades. However, if you are new to lighting installations, we recommend using a professional shop.

How Do Wheel Ring Lights Work?

The wheel ring lights are installed on the wheels and connect to the vehicle’s battery through wires. Installation is easy and simply a matter of applying the power and ground wires of your kit’s control box directly to the vehicle’s battery. The control box is installed and attached to the body while the wheel LED ring light tubes are connected to the control box through wires. The same control box can be used for both under-vehicle lighting and wheel rings. You can power up and turn the LED wheel ring lights by pressing the power button on the wireless remote. If you have rims that allow a lot of light to pass through them, our Illuminated LED wheel rings will make the most of them by brightening up each wheel from the inside. These rings are mounted to the dust shield pieces that surround each brake rotor. This means they are fixed in place and do not rotate with the wheels. This helps our LED wheel rings meet driving regulations that prohibit moving lights while driving. Our 14-inch and 15-inch wheel rings will safely clear brake rotors measuring as low as 13.5 inches in diameter. They will also meet the needs for a bigger wheel diameter. Please contact our support team for more information on specific wheel size compatibility.

Features of Our LED Ring Lights

We offer three different lighting options to match wheels with diameters ranging from 14” and 15” to 17”. If your vehicle has a different size of wheels, please get in touch with our store, and we will find matching wheel rings for your vehicle. Our profile pixel RGB wheel ring light kits can be integrated easily with your existing smartphone-controlled, million color wireless underbody lighting kit. The wheel rings can also be used to expand and match the multi-color aftermarket underglow lighting to the wheels of any car or truck. Additionally, when connected to an underbody kit, our RGB LED wheel ring lights can also be operated through the underbody kit controller. In this configuration, they deliver the same color combination, flashing styles, and other features of the underbody kit.

Why Choose Led Wheel Light Rings From Profile Performance?

The Profile Pixel RGB wheel ring lights from Profile Performance are among the finest and most trusted aftermarket LED accent wheel light kits for vehicles. Profile Performance has built a strong reputation as a reliable LED lighting store for online products. When you purchase one of our products, you’ll experience fantastic service quality, innovative products, and competitive prices that will give you a memorable wheel ring lights buying experience. Choose from the finest set of LED wheel ring light kits for trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles. When you’re searching for the best LED wheel ring lights for your car, look no further than Profile Performance. Need guidance for buying the right LED wheel ring lights for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!