Switchback LED Halos & Strips

If you gotta have halos but the RGB thing just isn’t for you; then keep it classy but stylish with Profile Pivot Switchback halos & strips

LED Switchback Lights

LED Switchbacks have taken signal and accent lights to the next level. These versatile lights come with dual filaments that allow you to alternate between two light shades — xenon white or amber at the flick of a switch. They are quite popular as they let you change low-intensity lights to high-intensity lights effectively. LED Profile Pivot switchback lights are designed to work in their bright white setting. As you set the turn indicator on, they start flashing in an amber or orange signal light. When the turn signal stops, they will automatically return to white. This functionality gives them multiple purposes. They are excellent as accent lighting and also work effectively as turn indicators, just like you would expect in modern luxury vehicles. Switchback lights can also be wired to provide only a bright amber or white halo. Just wire these lights up with the appropriate input, and you’re ready to go!

Benefits of LED Switchback Lights

LED switchbacks lights can be installed on most types of vehicles, including trucks, RVs, or SUVs. They can be installed around the headlights, rear lights, or daytime running lights. Generally, you will get them in a bright white color. When you engage the turn signal, the color will change to amber. Once you have made the turn and your indicator goes back to neutral, the amber color switches back to the xenon white for your daytime running lights. Changing from the xenon white color to amber will make your vehicle much more noticeable by other drivers. This is particularly useful for the driver who is in front of you as you come up close from behind. The easier it is for other motorists to see your vehicle on the road, the safer and better it is for everyone. Switchback lights can significantly decrease the risks of collisions and injuries caused by road accidents. The next time you need to replace your incandescent bulbs for something better, you may want to get LED switchbacks. Not only will they reduce your fuel consumption, but LED switchbacks will also make your drive safer and more convenient. Another reason why LED switchbacks are popular is that they provide a stylish look to your vehicle. LED switchbacks will give your car or truck that unique look which makes it stand out from the crowd. LED switchbacks can be installed on a wide variety of car models from the new to the old. It doesn’t matter which vehicle you drive. You’ll always find something that works for you.

Types of Switchback Lights

When it comes to the selection of switchback lights, you have many options for retrofit upgrades. Switchback lights can be used for headlight halos, demon eyes, strips, accents, rock lights, and interior lights. You can also choose the switch color and set up a button to turn them at the press of a button. LED halo switchbacks are quite popular. They can be easily installed around your headlight bulbs and significantly improve your vehicle’s appearance. Halo switchback lights work effectively both during the daytime and night. Other popular LED switchbacks include LED strips. These are road legal and provide the right shade of xenon white and amber that are required by most traffic regulations. LED switchback strips can be installed in a number of locations and make your vehicle look brilliant on the road.

LED Switchback Accessories

Keep in mind that you will need additional accessories and circuitry to make your LED switchback lights work effectively. These include load resistors, switchback boards, and switchback drivers that are necessary for the proper functioning of the LED switchback lights. The switchback boards control the electric flow to the lights, allowing them to blink in an amber-on amber-off pattern when the switch is turned off and go back to xenon white when the turn signal or control button is off.

Get the Best LED Switchback Lights at Profile Performance

Switchback LED bulbs offer a unique way to upgrade and accentuate the lighting on your vehicle. They are also more compliant with regulations compared to RGB lights for on-the-road driving in urban areas. At Profile Performance, we have been supplying high-quality switchback lights for over two decades. We offer switchback LED lights in both halo rings and LED strips, and our products are sourced from top brands, including Morimoto. The switchback lights we offer are fully non-polar and can work in any socket. They are designed with down-converter amber emitters that give very high output. We also provide complete circuit boards, connectors, and drivers. Our switchback lights are made with condensing metal heatsinks for effective cooling. Need guidance for buying the best LED switchback lights for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!