Rock Lights

RGB on the Rocks! Profile Pixel Pods are doing the dirty work these days as the indestructible industry standard for LED Rock Lights for trucks.

All Rock Lights

Rock lights are very popular and considered a necessity when driving off-road on a dark night. LED Rock lights come in various colored varieties to add style. They should be kept off in urban areas and used only for off-road trailing to preserve power. Profile Performance offers top quality LED rock lights for all varieties of vehicles. Rock lights make it easier for drivers to see the area immediately around their truck or car. These lights are usually mounted directly in front of the vehicle to see the driveway ahead, but you can also install them at the rear to help you steer in reverse. Rock lights can also be mounted on the sides to make it easier to enter or leave the vehicle. Almost all models and makes of vehicles are eligible for mounting rock lights, but they are more popular in off-road vehicles like trucks, APVs, and golf carts. Apart from accentuating the vehicle’s look, rock lights also enhance the visibility of the vehicle and give you a safer driving experience. Most rock lights are built with LED technology because it is the most durable and allows installation in places where you can’t fit halogen bulbs. LED rock lights also give you more color options. Along with the safety offered by the LED chip itself, LEDs also have a metal case and glass coating that helps protect the chip. Lastly, LED rock lights come in combinations of single lights as well as 2, 3, or 4 LEDs mounted on a single pod.

Benefits of Rock Lights

While you can get rock lights in halogen bulbs, LED rock lights are the preferred choice for owners. LED Rock lights offer many benefits for off-road drivers, including the following. Rock Lights are unlike any other lighting systems installed on your vehicle because they are mounted on top of the body. This allows you to put rock lights wherever you want, giving you complete freedom for customization. Off-road drivers understand that it is not just what they can see that is important, but it is equally important that other drivers see your vehicle on time as well. LED rock lights will make it easier for other drivers on the road or trail to see your vehicle from far away. Pedestrians will also become alerted sooner to your presence and can avoid you accordingly when you have LED rock lights on your truck. Regular light bulbs can be fragile and get damaged easily. LED rock lights are tough and can handle conditions on the road, whether you are driving in the city or on the trail. Hard impacts and rough vibrations are very common when you take your truck off-roading, but LED rock lights from LED Concepts will hold out and guide you to your destination safely. Profile Pixel LED Rock lights are crucial for enhancing visibility during off-road driving. This is because you won’t get the benefit of natural lighting from street lamps or other vehicles on an off-road drive. Even though most LED rock lights are small in size, there is nothing lacking about the amount of light that they emit. Last but not least, LED rock lights are simply amazing in terms of aesthetic appearance. LED rock lights come in many shapes, styles, and color combinations. They will do more than only accentuate the look of your vehicle, completely transforming it and putting it on par or above even newer vehicles.

Get the Best LED Rock Lights at Profile Performance

Is vehicle lighting versatility important to you? Perhaps you are looking to buy rock lights that make your vehicle stand out, but you don’t know much about how they work and how they would look like on your truck. Fear not, our team of vehicle lighting experts can help out. We offer powerful LED rock lights that are feature-rich, cool, bright, durable, and easy to control at the push of a button. Our high-quality rock lights offer a lot of unique benefits, such as a dedicated smartphone app for controlling the light’s tempo and brightness. You can even create your lighting pattern or set them up to match a sequence. If you prefer versatility, then choose the products that can be installed on different vehicles. Our rock lights can last for years, and they will probably outlast the life of your vehicle, so you may want to replace them with a newer vehicle in the future. The light is offered in four color varieties — red, green, blue, and white. These colors can be combined to produce millions of color combinations based on your needs. Need guidance for buying the right LED rock lights for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!