LED Demon Eyes

Take custom to the next level with back-lit headlight projectors using our Profile Pixel and Prism single-color and RGBW LED Demon Eyes

Demon Eyes

Demon Eye headlights get their name from their solid color display. Angel Eyes create a ring of light around headlights, but Demon Eyes shine through the headlights for a powerful glow. We offer a variety of Demon Eyes in RGBW and multi-color switches for a stunning display. These days, vehicle owners have a lot more options for headlights than staying with the original, factory-fitted headlamps. A majority of drivers are not happy with the original headlights that they get and upgrade them to better and more stylish LED or HID headlights. A niche group of vehicle owners takes things one step ahead. Instead of upgrading to regular HID or LED headlamps, they switch to Angel and Demon Eyes for their headlamps that look uniquely different from the rest.

Give Your Vehicle A New Look with LED Demon Eyes

Demon Eyes are getting more popular these days. These are powerful headlights that are only compatible with certain types of vehicles. For using Demon Eyes effectively, your vehicle must have projector-style headlights installed. The projector headlights give Demon Eyes the unique glow and feel that is needed to create the lighting effect. Demon Eyes will give your vehicle a solid look. There are no rings or halos of lights attached around the headlight. The entire bulb or headlamp is one solid piece, and it is designed to resemble the eyes of a demon. If you have seen the familiar demon eyes in any comic book or TV show, you will understand how these lights will look inside your vehicle.

Halogen and LED Demon Eyes

Demon Eyes are generally with halogen or LED bulbs. HID bulbs are just too bright and cause a glare for oncoming drivers. Halogen Demon Eyes are extremely cost-effective and easy to install. Generally, you don’t need to add anything to your vehicle, and Halogen Demon Eyes fit in with your existing setup. They are also more secure and easily meet road safety requirements. The downside is that Halogen Demon Eyes usually don’t last very long. They are also not as bright as LED lights. LED demon eyes are considered much better overall, but they are the pricier option. LED demon eyes are very energy-efficient and durable. They can last for years without burning out. They will also lower your fuel consumption because LEDs consume 2 to 5 times less power than halogen lights. They are brighter and project farther without causing glare like HID lights. Overall, they are a smart option. The downside is that LED Demon Lights are not legal in some places, so make sure you check with your local regulations before upgrading to LED Demon Eyes. They are also more expensive.

Buy the Best Profile Pixel Demon Eyes at Profile Performance

If you have decided to buy demon eyes for your vehicle, you will probably want to consider several factors.Lighting Technology: LED demon eyes are preferred by vehicle owners and for a good reason. They come with special features like multiple color changing variation that can be controlled at the click of a button. They are also much brighter, more efficient, and long-lasting. Profile Performance offers top quality LED demon eyes from Profile in multiple RGBW or unicolor versions, from white and amber to green, blue, purple, or pink. Pricing: Price can be an issue for many customers. Demon Eyes are expensive, and the whole upgrade with bulb, mount, controller, and kit could cost more than $200 per Demon Eye. If you are on a tight budget, Demon Eyes may not be an option for you. Profile Performance offers high-quality Demon Eyes that are competitively priced and will fit the budget for most. Get in touch with our customer support team or browse through our product category below to find affordable LED Demon Eyes for your needs. Technological Efficiency: Demon Eyes look the coolest when they operate efficiently to get the desired result. After all, you don’t want one of your Demon Eyes to burn out and look blind in one eye, right? We offer premium grade Profile Pixel LED demon eyes that are very reliable and easily last up to 60,000 hours. Profile Pixel Demon Eyes have been purchased by tens of thousands of happy customers online, and they’re trusted for optimum performance. Color Variety: One of the main reasons why people install Demon Eyes on their vehicle is to get the excellent color variation that you cannot get with regular headlamps. Demon Eyes come in all variations of colors from red, green blue, cyan, pink, purple, teal, and amber to any other color variation you can conceive. Profile Performance offer single and multi-color Demon Eyes that look cool and also light up the road ahead with brightness as you see fit. Just make sure that you are getting the color that is legally allowed in your local area before you buy it! Need guidance for buying LED Demon Eyes for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!