LED DRL Boards

Profile Pixel RGBW Daytime Running Lights are an instant upgrade with infinite color settings, switchback signals, and a dual intensity DRL.

Profile Pixel DRL Boards

DRL Boards are becoming very popular among car owners as they have significantly improved in quality. Today, you can find OEM DRL Boards that are an exact replacement for factory lights, but much better when it comes to visibility and appearance. DRL (Daytime Running Light) Boards are a relatively new feature for most vehicles. DRLs are lights installed at the front of a vehicle for use during the day. Unlike headlights, DRLs are fairly dim and don't illuminate the road ahead. They do provide plenty of light directly in front of the vehicle and are great for foggy or cloudy weather conditions. DRLs are usually used for aesthetic purposes as they add style and a modern, unique look to even older vehicles. DRLs also increase the visibility of your vehicle, so that other drivers can easily see you on the road. At night, your headlights and tail lights are illuminated, which means that it's easy for other drivers to spot you. However, during the day, most drivers turn their lights off, and it's not as easy to spot other vehicles quickly. DRLs are designed to remain on while the engine is running, and you don’t need to turn them on manually.

DRL Boards – Safety Meets Style

DRL Boards have become popular in countries located further north, like Canada and Scandanavia. These are places where you get less sunlight even during the day in winter. Since headlights consume a lot of power and it isn’t economical to keep them on during the day, DRL boards offer an easy and practical solution for drivers. They improve your vehicle’s visibility for other drivers without drawing a lot of power from the batteries. Countries like Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and Canada were among the first to legally mandate all drivers to install DRLs on their vehicles. There have been many studies conducted in these regions since the 1970s that showed that the addition of DRLs reduced accidents. DRLs allow other drivers to see your vehicle on time in cloudy or foggy weather, and they can take action to avoid a collision. DRL Boards are also popular because they add a unique look to your vehicle. Today, there are plenty of options for vehicle owners to choose from various style DRL boards. You can install them just under the headlamps, at the sides, or over the top. Besides this, you can cover your headlamps in circles, squares, or arcs as you want. DRL boards give your vehicle a sleek and stylish look, and they use less power than traditional lights.

Get the Best LED DRL Boards at Profile Performance

DRL Boards are based on LED technology. LED is ideal for DRLs because of three reasons. First, it draws much lower power than any other type of bulb. Second, you can pretty much bend, flex, or shape LED DRLs any way you want. This gives manufacturers and vehicle owners options. Third, LED DRLs last a very long time. They will probably outlast the life of your vehicle, and you don’t need to worry about replacing them in the future. You can buy DRL Boards in RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, and White) colors that stay on or install Flow Series DRL Boards. Flow DRL boards display lights in a sequence where you choose the color pattern to add safety and style to your vehicle. They are slightly more expensive but absolutely gorgeous to behold! Profile Performance offers high-quality DRL Boards with the Profile Pixel Brand name. This automotive aftermarket brand is the best name in LED Lighting, and when it comes to upgraded LED DRL Boards, their new tech. Its features make it a no-brainer to get for your vehicle. Profile Pixel DRL Boards offer OEM level quality, and they can be swapped with original boards with 100% functionality. We offer DRL boards from Profile Pixel in RGBW and switchback varieties. The boards are very easy to install with a plug-and-play system, and you can also control them with a remote. With higher-end DRL Boards, you can transform the display with the click of a button, cycling through hundreds of different modes and functions. The color combinations are virtually endless, making your vehicle the center of attention wherever you go. In case your vehicle doesn't come with factory-fitted DRL boards as standard, you can add them to your vehicle yourself with the help of our DRL installation kits. Installing a DRL Board is slightly trickier than replacing bulbs on your headlights. It is recommended to work with a professional auto electrician or have plenty of experience with auto upgrades before you try to do it yourself. Need guidance for buying Profile Pixel DRL Boards for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!