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Ball out with Bluetooth or keep it simple with a standard remote control. When you're putting together a color changing setup, you need a controller, and we got you!

Controllers and Accessories

Light controllers and connecting accessories are essential if you are looking to upgrade your vehicle’s lights to anything other than factory fitted lights. Our light controllers will help you get the best output from your lights and use them exactly as you want. A good vehicle lighting system includes a reliable control design that is easy to understand and operate. Your vehicle’s light controller plays an important role in getting the required performance and functions from your lights. The controller allows users to manually or automatically: Turn the lights ON and OFF with a button. Adjust light output up and down using a dimmer. Switch or change the color output from vehicle bulbs that support color changing. Control and modify the time period for flashing lights. Set up the changing light colors to synchronize with the beat of the music. The light controller offers many benefits to users. It gives them the flexibility to satisfy visual display requirements. Adds automation to the lighting system to automatically switch to legally compliant color and power. Helps users reduce energy consumption, improves bulb sustainability and saves costs. Adds a cool look and style to the vehicle. Helps regulate the power to the bulbs to protect from power spikes.

Technology Advances in Light-Controller Units

Adaptation and development in light control units go hand in hand with improvements in lighting technology itself. Twenty years ago, drivers had little control over how they could adjust their vehicle’s interior and exterior lights. Most drivers that wanted better control had to install aftermarket connectors and controllers. Vehicle manufacturers began to realize the demand for better lighting control. Today, light control units come pre-installed on vehicles. However, with all the aftermarket lighting upgrades, vehicle owners need additional controllers that can help them adjust and modify their vehicles to their needs. We are now looking at intelligent light controls that offer multiple technical solutions and allow users to regulate different parameters for their vehicle’s lights automatically. For example, you can now set up the intensity and color temperature of the headlights to get the exact output that you want. Smart light controllers also offer active dimming, light color temperature, and RGB control systems that guarantee drivers get cost-effective, reliable, and pleasant lighting in their vehicles for a range of moods. You can even set up the lights to adapt and switch based on the music that’s playing in your car!

Functions Offered by Lights Controllers

There are five types of functions that are served by light controllers. They can help you turn the lights on or off, adjust switchback lights, allow active dimming of light output, control light temperature or adjust RGB output on LED bulbs. The on/off function is pretty standard on all kinds of bulbs that can be used through the controller. Switchback bulbs have two color settings where you can generally flip and choose between white and amber color outputs. Usually, your headlights, fogs, reverse, and turn indicators can use these bulbs.The active dimming control is an intelligent lighting control system that uses sensors to adjust the interior lighting of a vehicle based on exterior light conditions. The interior lights dim down during the day and go to full brightness at night. The control unit can be set for minimal lighting requirements where the desired lighting level is obtained with minimal energy consumption. The light temperature control allows you to adjust the range of color temperature that your bulbs are configured for. If your headlamps or fogs allow, you can switch color temperature from 3000 Kelvin (Sunny White) to 5000 Kelvin (Pure White) and all the way to 7000 Kelvin (Cool White). The RGB output adjustment is used for RGB LED lights, which can achieve striking effects or change the atmosphere of the illumination, as required. The RGB controller can work with demon eyes, angel eyes, interior lights, rock lights, projectors, dashboard lights, cabin lights, underbody lights, and wheel rings, etc. You can even set your lights up so that all the accent lights are the same color and shift in unison. Pure brilliance!

Buy Light Controllers and Accessories at Profile Performance

LED Concepts offers complete light control units and accessories that will help you achieve great results for your vehicle. We offer Profile Prism remote controller, smartphone controller, output splitters, adapters, connectors, and wires that will help you set up your vehicle’s lighting system exactly as you want it. Working with Lighting controls and upgrades is quite a complex task. We highly recommend working with a qualified and experienced auto electrician when you are upgrading the lights or looking to use remotes to control your vehicle’s lights. Please feel free to browse our products and consult with our experts who can guide you better about the right controllers to buy and how to get the best use from them. Need guidance for buying Light Controllers and Accessories for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!