Application Specific Halo Kits

Profile Prism vehicle-specific Halo kits have been specially sized for some of today's most popular makes and models. Perfect performance + Perfect fitment.

LED Halo Lights

Halo rings, commonly known as or angel eyes, are one of the most desirable headlight upgrades for your vehicle. They are immediately noticeable by anyone who sees your vehicle approaching and a must-have lighting upgrade to accentuate your vehicle. LED Halo Lights are purely accessory lights that are integrated or installed into a vehicle’s headlight assembly. These lights are used to encircle the high or low beam headlight and create a beautiful, colorful effect. Halo lights do not replace any existing lights or headlights on your car. They also do not project lights forward to improve driving visibility. They are accessory lights used for cosmetic purposes or can be used as daytime driving lights. Halo rings were first designed and used commercially by BMW. They offered a unique, stylish look that attracted attention and made BMWs stand out. Many users in the aftermarket community started installing retrofit halo rings on their trucks and urban vehicles. Initially, these lights were quite expensive, and only a few car owners could get them. However, the surge in demand brought many lighting components for installation into existing headlights. The retrofit halo rings create the same look you would find on a high-end vehicle. Technical innovation brought the price down, and many drivers opt for the best halo lights these days.

Types of Halo Lights in the Market

Many varieties of angel eye components are available in the market. Not all of them are based on halo rings. Many lighting accessories utilize the advanced technology to create the “ring of light” effect around your headlights. The most common types of halo lights include. CCFL Halo Lights. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (or CCF) are the oldest type of halo lighting technology. Most manufacturers have stopped supplying them due to the development of improved technology, but you may still find some older model vehicles with these lights. LED Halo Lights. LED halo lights are arguably the most popular type of halo lights you can find. The technology has been around for almost two decades and offers significant benefits over CCFL halo rings. 1. They are much brighter than CCFL halo rings and visible even during the day, unlike CCFL lights that are only visible at night. 2. LED halo rings last much longer and consumes a significantly lower amount of power than regular angel eyes. 3. Each LED halo ring is composed of a large group of individual LED diodes that can be coded to provide a variety of color combinations from blue, green, and yellow to red, cyan, and any other variation you desire. 4. LED halo rings are the only type of angel eyes that can be controlled with the help of remotes or smart apps to change color or turn on and off when you want. Plasma Halo Lights. Plasma is the latest development in headlight lighting technology. Plasma halo rings combine the best elements of CCFL and LED halo lights. Based on the HID technology, plasma headlights are the brightest and most powerful halo rings you can get. However, they can have a significant drain on battery power, and extended use is not recommended.

LED Halo Rings Offered by Profile Performance

Profile Performance offers a wide variety of profile prism LED halo rings for vehicle owners. Our halo rings can be installed on many models of Acura, BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedez, Toyota, and Volkswagen vehicle. We also offer halo rings for motor cyles from Suzuki and Yamaha. Our halo rings can be fitted onto newer models of vehicles as well as models that are older than 10 – 20 years to give them a modern, appealing look. Our LED halo rings are fitted on the surface and can be controlled via remote or smartphone. We offer the best LED halo rings that require very little power for operation and easy to connect to your battery’s power through the control unit. The most commonly used LED chips on our Halo rings are 3528 and 5050. We recommend installing the halo rings through a professional car electrician. In most cases, our halo rings should be compatible with your vehicle, regardless of the model or make. If you are not sure about compatibility or need help with installation, get in touch with our support team. They will be able to guide you about the real power and size of chips on our halo rings. They can also provide information on the installation procedure to make the whole process easier. Need guidance for buying halo rings for your vehicle? Got a tech question? Wholesale inquiry? Contact us today!