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Become a Dealer

Our family of Profile Performance distributors are focused on catering to end-users. Becoming an Authorized Profile Parts Dealer means you enjoy the following benefits:

Costs: Reduce your sourcing costs on Profile Performance products for improved margins. By dealing direct with Profile you will have a cost advantage compared to buying at retail.

Legitimacy: While it has proven difficult to prevent wannabes worldwide from advertising knock-offs of our great products; serious shoppers will understand the importance of purchasing only genuine Profile Performance products. There is a certain value associated with buying from only the Dealers listed/shown in our Network map and avoiding those who aren’t.

Referrals: Our on-site dealer network page will allow local businesses and end-users to contact a dealer in their region. From there, the customer can easily find your online store, purchase what they need, and know they're in good hands.

Master Dealer Network Program