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RGB Controller: Morimoto XBT Bluetooth

PART #: 1 x LED153



Facts & Figures


Bluetooth Benchmark: Once your lighting is installed you need a simple, reliable, and fast way to control it right? That"s where the Morimoto XBT Bluetooth Controller comes to the rescue. Unlike those generic boxes online that purport to offer similar functions, the XBT is designed to link up your phone to your lights seamlessly every time and offers far more functionality than anything else on the market.

iPhone & Android App: The specialized app works on both iPhone and Android devices. The options are endless when it comes to the XBT Controller. Complete control of the hue and intensity is a given but it gets way better. Do you want presets? You"ve got them including adjustable fade, strobe, and pre-programmed color-changing themes. It doesn't stop there because you can set as many of these as you want to your own settings. Want just a few specific colors? No problem. Want to save a favorite light show? Easy.

three Zone: The XBT Bluetooth Controller is capable of controlling up to three different zones/pairs of RGB accessories. Two pairs of halos and a set of Demon eyes? No problem. Demon eyes, strips, and halos? You bet. You can apply a different color or effect to each zone, or lock them together to easily apply the same settings across the board. If you can wire it, Morimoto RGB Controller can control it!

Attention: You can be sure that you won't attract the wrong kind of unwanted attention with these light too because even after a long late night out on the town they"ll reset to a default white output each time you turn the vehicle on. That means you won't be especially interesting to law enforcement because you forgot to turn off your bright red and blue lighting one morning. Of course, when it"s time to go back to your favorite colors it takes just the push of a button on your phone.

Plug-n-Play: Don't settle for that cheap stuff you"ll find online that requires you to constantly hack up your wiring. The XBT is totally plug-n-play with your RGB lighting thanks to the JST 4-Wire RGB+ harness..If you don't understand a word of what we just wrote, no worries. You can contact one of our geeky team members and we'll explain more about the awesome tech that goes into the Morimoto RGB Controllers we sell.

Optional JST Connectors: In the event that your RGB accessories DO require custom wiring, the optional JST pins/connectors make quick work of a clean install. Crimp, insert, and go! At under $10, this includes six connectors and 24 bare male pins! We figure your awesome aftermarket headlight upgrades are useless if you can't install them, so we carry the extras that make it easier to wire up your Morimoto RGB Controller.

Beauty & Beast One more major issue you"ll find with cheapo controllers is that they"re not actually waterproof meaning the first time they get wet, you lose control. Imagine running past the police station with blues and reds running that you can't turn off. The XBT is fully potted so it"s entirely waterproof. It"s also mounted with a real piece of carbon fiber. You deserve the best, get it with the XBT Bluetooth Controller.

Focus: Our focus on automotive accessory lighting and nothing else allows Profile to conceptualize, design, and produce best-in-class products for the aftermarket. Experience means we know the products. We know the technology. We know our competitors, and most importantly, we know, respect, and love to interact with our customers. To see more of what Profile Performance has in store for your application, give us a call or use the interactive Buyer's Guide on our homepage!

What's included


1x Morimoto XBT Bluetooth Controller

Smart Phone App:

Free Download ("Morimoto XBT")



12-24V Electrical Systems


JST 4-Pin/5-Pin, RGB 4-Pin (w/ Optional Splitter)



Bare Wire (9.5in / 24cm)


3x JST 5 Pin RGB


12V Max (3x 4A)


Bluetooth (via "Morimoto XBT" app)


Solid, Fade, Strobe